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Jump through an extraordinary painting along with eleven-year old Holly O’Flanigan and share her adventures in the parallel world of Magora, where everything is about magic and art.

In the six-volume fantasy series,Holly and her friends Brian, Rufus, and Amanda return to Magora on quests to find out more about the creator of this world—Holly’s grandfather Nikolas.

They struggle to master magical brushstrokes at Cliffony Academy of Arts, get to know gloomy Ravenscraig Lane, visit a spooky monastery, and struggle with one mystery after another as they search for answers.

Ride along as Holly and her friends are thwarted at every turn by the evil Duke of Cuspidor and are forced to battle the dangerous Unfinished, monstrous beings created when a painting is left undone. They hunger for the one thing that can flesh out their faces and bodies—blood.

How could Grandpa Nikolas have created a world with such darkness in it? When Holly finally uncovers the astonishing answer in the final book, it will change her life forever.