MARC REMUS - Author, Illustrator, Painter

It was while learning to illustrate picture books at art college that Marc Remus realized he had a passion for writing stories as well. One day while working on a drawing, Marc wondered what would happen if a painting with all its people came alive. This idea became the foundation of his middle grade fiction series MAGORA, about the magic of art and creativity.

After graduating in art and illustration from Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California, he studied writing at the Institute of Children’s Literature in Connecticut for ten years. Marc’s studies and travels have taken him all over the world.He has visited more than sixty countries and lived in Germany, the U.S., Japan, and Honduras.

Today he is an award-winning painter and illustrator, and dozens of newspapers have written about his work. He even has been featured in various television documentaries in Germany. You can watch those videos, and find out more about him, via the links on the left.