Eleven-year-old Holly O’Flanigan is treated worse than a slave by her foster family who force her to scrub the mansion with a toothbrush and squash her dreams of becoming a famous painter like her Grandpa Nikolas. Then one day, bizarre creatures appear and threaten her as a mysterious fire ravages through the town, forcing her beloved grand- father to leap to his death from the roof of his art studio.

When all seems lost, Holly discovers a secret attic, with a magical painting through which she and her three friends are pulled into the parallel world of Magora. There they enroll at an art academy called Cliffony, and it seems that at last Holly’s dreams are all coming true.

That is until she encounters the dark side of Magora—spies, stolen paintings, and menacing creatures called the Unfinished who drain humans of their blood. To save Cliffony and to stay alive, can Holly and her friends discover who is behind it all?