Holly O’Flanigan and her friends Brian, Rufus, and Amanda are eager to return to the parallel world of Magora at the end of a boring summer in their un-magical hometown.

But their second year at Cliffony is clouded with all sorts of trouble. The nosy neighbor Ms. Hubbleworth turns up as one of their instructors—but with no knowledge of her old life back in the real world.

Worse yet, Holly’s best friend Ileana is dying. In a desperate search for a cure, Holly and her friends explore gloomy Ravenscraig Lane, search the dark Momarian Hell Library, and discover the mysterious Golden Maple Tree that is said to have healing powers.

But to find the tree, they must first win a fierce battle in an ancient monastery against the dangerous blood-sucking Unfinished and their leader Cuspidor. In the process, Holly learns the truth behind Ms. Hubbleworth’s memory loss—and it changes everything Holly thought she knew about Magora.