Holly’s best friend Brian, also eleven, enjoys painting as much as she does. But unlike her, no one tries to keep Brian from following his passion. His widowed mother, a psychic with her own shop, wholeheartedly supports his desire to be an artist.

He might like to paint, but he doesn’t like to study. Brian would rather be outdoors, running through the fields or playing in ruined buildings. His lack of interest in studying has gotten him in trouble in the past, and he has received bad grades in school, but Brian doesn’t spend time worrying about his problems the way Holly does. He enjoys the moment, playing sports, eating a lot, and sleeping.

Once in Magora, Brian begins to realize that there is more to life than sports, food, sleep—or even the art he loves so much. With each new mind-boggling challenge, Brian always finds the strength and courage to stand by his friends.