Holly O’Flanigan doesn’t even remember her parents. After their deaths, she has lived most of her eleven years with her Grandpa Nikolas, a well-known fantasy painter. Growing up in his art studio sparked Holly’s imagination and her passion for art.

The townspeople of Donkleywood found Grandpa Nikolas to be odd though, and eventually the court found him unfit to raise a child. To Holly’s dismay, she was placed with a foster family, the Smoralls.
In her new home Holly was locked up in the attic, forced to do all the chores in the house, and robbed of any hope to become a painter one day—her biggest dream. Then one day a terrible and mysterious fire sweeps through town and Grandpa Nikolas is killed.

Holly fears she will be trapped with the Smoralls for life, and never get the chance to become a painter like her grandfather until she is drawn into the magical world of Magora.