Rufus, age eleven, is one of Holly’s close friends from school. He helps out his parents at the local post office in the town of Donkleywood. An analytical kid with an almost obsessive drive to collect data about everything, Rufus not only reads a lot, but studies as much as he can in order to become something more than just a postal worker like his parents.

Rufus’ world revolves around facts. He even tries to imitate a British accent that he believes makes him sound more sophisticated. He is proud of his intellect, but also admires people who have something that he does not have—creativity. This is why he treasures his artistic friends Holly and Brian.

Though timid at times, Rufus’ loyalty to his friends never wavers. Holly comes to rely on him more and more, and not just for crucial research to learn more about the history of Magora. Rufus acts as Holly’s compass as she seeks to figure out where reality lies in a fantasy world.